Monday, December 10, 2012

Modern Family: Haley Dunphy goes to college!

This is Post #5 in the College Abacus series Financial Aid & Fiction.  Post #3 and Post #2 featured Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel of Glee. Post #1 featured Bella Swan of Twilight.

“Haley going to college is a miracle.” - Claire Dunphy

Episode 4.2 features Phil and Claire moving Hayley into a college dorm. Given the collective doubt around Haley’s college prospects, we looked at a community college, a state university and a private university in the LA area.

Haley’s likely cost of attendance at Santa Monica College is quite low compared to UCLA and Pepperdine. Still, given the embarrassing move-in scene at Hayley’s college dorm (!), we expect that she selected a school with on-campus housing.

To find out how we calculated the Dunphy family finances, scroll down. To look for colleges that will offer you strong financial aid packages, click here

Though not publicized by ABC, Modern Family fans have identified the Dunphy’s house (and its address) from the show’s footage. Using Zillow, we at College Abacus learned that the family home is valued at $1.4 million. Zillow’s mortgage calculator suggests that the minimum annual household income required to get a 15-year mortgage for a house of this value is $400,000. We estimate that family assets are around $1 million. We assumed that Hayley had personal savings of $3,000. The substantial wealth held by the Dunphy family means that Hayley would likely find the most affordable college in-state, as demonstrated by College Abacus.

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